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Hunter's Lightning McQueen Second Birthday Party | Personal Story

As many of you know, I happen to like Disney a little...okay, a LOT. And until Hunter can tell me otherwise, we will continue to have Disney themed birthday parties for him. I do try to keep in mind of things he likes and select appropriately. For instance, he is terrified of Sully, so I wouldn't want to have a Monster's Inc party (even if that was the plan at one point).

This year's theme is Cars. Hunter enjoys playing with them and likes Lightning McQueen, but Daddy also loves cars. So it's a party dedicated to both. If you haven't guessed from Hunter's First Birthday, we are big birthday party people. I also like to do a lot of it myself. Guilty of pinterest planning! I like to get inspiration and then do my own thing. Since Hunter is a summer baby we always have a pool party. Something I am envious of being born in winter.

For his second party we got to include more party games which was a fun treat. Unfortunately many of the guests were out of town this year, but we still had a great time. That includes the surprise downpour we got halfway through where we all crowded under the canopy to stay dry. Some of the kids choose to get soaked. If you see a photo of Hunter soaking wet. That's not from the pool. That's from the rain.

I cannot believe it has already been two years since we got our little gift. I am still forever grateful to our birth parents for choosing us. I cannot wait to see what the next year brings!



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