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Indiana War Memorial Plaza Engagement Session in downtown Indianapolis | Shannon + Ricky

Romantic, historic and furry; those are the three words I would use to describe Shannon and Ricky’s engagement session at the Indiana World War Memorial Plaza in downtown Indianapolis.

When I first saw Shannon and Ricky walk up the long, winding staircase to meet me at the top of the Indiana World War Memorial Plaza I knew their engagement photos were going to be epic with Shannon’s fluffy, fur coat and Ricky’s playful fur hat featuring the old school flaps on the side.

It was a whopping fifteen degrees outside with a soft breeze from the north that was just enough to send a chill down to your toes. A slight warm-up from our previous five below, but still cold nonetheless. The sun was slowly beginning to peek out behind the final tall building before making it’s descend towards the horizon casting a soft glow on the tall, limestone building standing besides us.

This was the first time I met Shannon and Dan, but from the moment I took their first photo I could see the love gleaming in their eyes. There was an ease about them. Something that comes from many, many hours spent together.

We began their session at the highest part of the War Memorial building before working our way down to the greenery below. We captured the grandness of the golden doors standing what appeared twenty feet tall, the beauty that is downtown Indianapolis with all it’s charm and history and the elegance of Shannon and Ricky’s love for one another as they made their way down the Indiana limestone staircase. You would never know how cold it was looking at these two. They say “love warms the heart”, well there must have been lots of love radiating between these two because they never once acted cold.

Congratulations Shannon and Ricky! With only a week into your engagement I know there will be a lot of celebrating while you continue to plan your wedding for the coming December.



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