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Lincoln Park & North Ave Beach Chicago Engagement Session

I'm ashamed to say that it's taken me too long to post about this sweet couple. Sometimes busy season gets away from me, but that will not stop me from sharing about Tommy and Emily. They are both such kind souls. Their engagement session at Lincoln Park and North Ave Beach was incredible. They were down for anything and trusted my guidance completely. Which included playing in the water. I mean, come on that's fun!!!

The couple used to ride their bikes downtown while they were dating, so choosing those locations had special meanings. It's where they fell in love.

They met through a mutual friend who invited us both out one night to play pool at a local dive bar. After that night, Tommy kept encouraging their mutual friend to invite Emily out any time they were getting together. While getting to know each other they discovered that they had crossed paths unknowingly before -- once was at a dinner where Tommy was on the opposite end of the table and they didn't even know it. The other time was when Emily's roommate (our mutual friend) had a party at their apartment while Emily was out of town and Tommy ended up sleeping on her couch. That same couch is now in our house now!

These two were obviously meant to meet and watching them together it's clear to see how much they love each other. But, moreover, their is a deeper bond of friendship and trust that will make their lives infinitely amazing. I am so happy I was able to meet them and cannot wait to see them again for Emily sister Liz's wedding next year!!

Wanna see more of Emily and Tommy?!?

Check out their gorgeous wedding at the Danada House in Wheaton: SHOW ME

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