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Sip and Script Calligraphy Class | The Haight

Days before Illinois went under a stay at home order this past March, I had the pleasure of attending and photographing a Sip and Script class taught by the talented Jessica Draper.

Calligraphy is always something I wanted to learn, so I was beyond excited to jump at this opportunity. Jessica was a fantastic teacher. Extremely encouraging and very helpful to whoever required her assistance. We learned several styles of calligraphy by tracing and even got to free hand a little as well.

It was a wonderful time sipping on champagne and hanging with friends. I definitely recommend it for a fun girls night out! The best part, you get to go home with the tools to continue to practice and master calligraphy!

If you want to learn more about the classes I attached a link at the bottom. Otherwise reach out to Jessica Draper Calligraphy. I'm sure she has more info!

The next class at The Haight taught by Jessica is August 18th. Head to the Sip and Script website to sign up!

Venue | The Haight

Photographer | Being Joy Photography

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1 Comment

Aug 11, 2020

Beautiful pictures capturing the evening!

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