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St James Farm Winter Engagement Photos, Nicole + Jeff

FREEZING!!!!!! That is probably the first word that comes to mind after today's engagement session. Along with dreamy, romantic, stunning and amazing!!!! Yes, it was cold. With the wind whipping at us it brought the temperature down to near zero degrees. However, with the chilling temperatures came a blanket of fresh white snow creating a picturesque backdrop among the trees.

As we walked briskly through the fields towards our destination I learned about Nicole and Jeff. How they met twenty years later after growing up only blocks from one another. How Jeff proposed to Nicole on Christmas Day in front of the tree, just as his father had done, so her brother (who was home for the holidays) could be there to witness that special moment. And, how they are planning their December wedding at the Seville with touches of red, gold and white.

In just the brief time we spent together I could feel their kind spirits radiating in the winter air. Nicole's contagious, bright smile and Jeff's tender loving eyes brought a warmth to even the coldest winter day. Congratulations to you both!!! I hope you enjoy the journey leading up to your beautiful winter wedding as well as every step beyond!!!



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