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Why Taking Engagement Photos With Your Photographer Is A Worthy Investment

Think of your engagement session as a trial run for your wedding day. Just as you sample the food your caterer prepares at a tasting or you do a hair and makeup trial to make sure it is executed exactly as you dreamed on your wedding day. So why consider skipping your engagement session with your photographer?

No two photographers are the same, just as no two people are the same. While we all use similar equipment, the way we work with people and the way we see things is very different. It is important to work with your photographer before your wedding day to see if your styles and personalities mess.

For this reason, all of my wedding collections include a complimentary engagement session. I want you to feel comfortable with me behind the camera. Your engagement session gives you a chance feel things out and make sure we are a good fit. It's almost like stepping up the game when dating. Maybe you met for coffee to test the waters a little bit before diving into a full on dinner with your now soon to be spouse. Think of your engagement photos as your dinner. Before booking we met or chatted on the phone a while, like a coffee date, but now we are taking our relationship a step further by committing to photos with one another. Yes, the stakes are a little higher, but there is still time to change your mind. In the rare chance that you find red flags waiving after you complete your engagement photos there is still time to make a change before your wedding day.

Something I do at BJP to help ensure you absolutely love your photos is a Reveal Session. After I have gone through, culled, retouched and completed your photos, I will contact you to schedule your Reveal Session at my home studio. There we will sit down together in a relaxed environment and go through your photos by playing a little game. I call it my "heart game". You will rate the photos with a full heart, half heart and no heart. Then together we will go through the photos to see what about them you loved or did not care for so that on your wedding day I can focus exactly on what I know you adore. There are so many variables to worry about on your wedding day. I want you to go into that day knowing that your wedding photos won't be one of them!

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