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Wilder Park Summer Family Photos & Cake Smash | Hudson Family

One years old is one of my favorite ages. They are old enough to know what they want a little, but can't talk back yet. Plus, when they make faces they are just adorable. Hunter, almost 3 1/2 years old, now makes a mad face that, while still adorable, is more like he's possessed. To top it off the tone in which he talks isn't the most charming either. Three-nagers. However, cutie pie Emelia is just plain adorable!

I first got to know Molly when she was an event coordinator at Pinstripes in Oak Brook. Then, when it was her turn to get married she reached out immediately. I loved getting to know her and Mike throughout the wedding process and celebrate in their joy as their family grew from two to three. To this day one of Hunter's favorite toys he has is a rainbow spinner that Molly's Mom, Ellen, gave to him as a thank you for photographing their wedding. Just sweet, sweet people. I'm so happy they signed up for my Four Seasons Collection so I get to see them for three more years (and maybe more!).



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