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Sophia Turns One | Cake Smash

One of the greatest blessings about being a photographer is being able to witness and document families as they grow year after year. I have had the pleasure of seeing Stacy and Zac fall in love, getting married, begin their family and now watch as their "littles" grow.

Stacy had great plans for Sophia's first birthday photos. She began sending me ideas a few months back about her vision and surprise gift for Zac. Zac is overseas serving our Country and has already missed out on six months of precious family time. He is proud to serve and does it without hesitation, but like any Dad they want to be at home with the family whenever possible. Stacy, being the kind person she is, wanted Zac to still be part of the day even if he couldn't physically be there so Zac choose the color scheme for the shoot and Stacy pulled everything together.

However, what Stacy didn't tell Zac was she had special outfits made for her and Sophia to show their love and support for him. Sophia's said, "My Daddy is so fly" and Stacy's had a helicopter with the American flag in honor of what Zac sacrifices every day for not only his family, but us all.

This session was so sweet and so special. I cannot wait for you to love it as much as I do! Happy First Birthday Little Sophia!!!

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