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Winfield's St James Farm Fall Engagement Session | Casie and Alex

In 16 days these two will be husband and wife!!! However, last year we had a wonderful time exploring St James Farm in Winfield for their fall engagement photos.

Here is their sweet love story as told by Alex: "We actually knew each other a good amount of years before we started dating. I knew Casie's family because they were good friends with my neighbor and were always over at their house. I did not think much of it because her sister was a year younger then me and hung out with me and my friend more then Casie did. Fast forward to more current times and Casie ended up coming with her friend to one of my dodgeball games, which her friends BF was on my team. After the games our team always went out to a restaurant for some food and drinks, well Casie and her friend decided to join us. We talked a lot that night and ended up realizing that we knew each other. Afterword we kept talking and after a few days I maned up and asked her on a date."

Can't wait to celebrate with you both very soon!!!!

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1 Comment

Nov 06, 2021

Great scenic pictures! A lot of special moments!

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