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BJP Tuesday Blog Tip | Color

For this week's BJP Tuesday Tip let's talk color! Your wedding colors are a statement of your day. They can be bold, soft, timeless or even a little unconventional. Or, if you are wanting to be "on trend" you can follow Pantone's Color of the Year. For 2019 the color is Living Coral. The choice is yours! That's the great thing about choosing your wedding colors. They are an extension of yourselves and your personality.

My advice when choosing your wedding colors is to sit down with your significant other and decide what mood you want to set for your wedding.

Some questions to ask yourselves:

- What season does your wedding take place during?

- Do you want to stick to traditional season colors or follow your own path?

- Do you want bold colors or muted, softer tones?

- What colors do you both love?

- Do you want your wedding to be timeless?

- If your wedding occurs near a holiday, do you want those colors?

- Does your wedding have a theme? For instance, Game of Thrones.

- Does that influence your color choice?

- Which color is your focal color and which is your accent?

- Do you want one metal or mixed metals? Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, etc.

Remember, the choice is completely up to the two of you. There is no rule that says you are not allowed to choose red and green for a May wedding. Maybe the dresses are shorter and the colors are softer or muted from the traditional reds and green of Christmas or maybe not. Again, it's your wedding. Your call!

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