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Fabyan Forest Preserve Baby Announcement | Brianna and Joe

This was one of my all time favorite sessions to date!!! If you know Brianna and Joe, then you know they are the absolute sweetest!!! You would also know that Joe, is NOT a fan of photos!!!

Brianna reached out to me last spring with the most amazing news. She had just found out she was pregnant!!! And the first thing she did was email me to schedule a session to surprise Joe. The timing could not have been better because it also happened to be Joe's birthday very soon. And what's a better gift than a photo session for a person who hates photos!!!

Brianna was smart about it. She didn't tell Joe about the session until they pulled into the parking lot, although Joe started to suspect something because he said "where's Joy." LOL What he didn't know is the surprise that awaited him.

We started off their session with just some simple photos, then we decided to "play" a little game. Brianna had come up with this cute way to surprise him with an announcement on the chalkboard. I believe I told them to right down something they were hoping for that year. You have to read Joe's board!!!

It took him a minute to even process what Brianna's board said, but once he did all was forgiven. He even told me at Aurora's newborn session it was still his favorite session of all. I couldn't agree more, Joe!!!

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