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Getting Married in 2020 | Yes or No?

It is day 5,639,109 of staying at home.....okay, not really, but it sure feels like it. I honestly don't know how many days I've been at home, not seeing my family or friends, not leaving the house to hit up Starbucks because I felt like it. 2020, you sure made an impression. Not one most like, but one we will all remember.

As April ends and May continues another month for staying at home (at least in Illinois), it is hard knowing what summer and fall will look like. The media and scientists all update us with their predictions, but it's kind of like having a weather forecast. They can predict to the best of their ability, but we all know how quickly predictions can change.

I have been thinking a lot about my wedding couples over the past weeks. Planning a wedding is always a little stressful in itself, but now you add a pandemic to the mix and well that's just bananas. I wish I could hug every one of you, but of course with social distancing I can't. Still, I hope you feel my support from afar and know I am here for you.

Many 2020 couples are not only living in the unknown about life, but what about their wedding date. The emotional roller coaster of that ride is unlike something any of us have every ridden. Many are choosing to wait until 2021, others are staying optimistic that everything will work out. Either way everyone wants to marry the love of their life. And it will happen, maybe not as soon as you had hoped or in the way you had planned, but it will happen.

And, while I myself am an enteral optimistic, I wanted to explain why some couples are opting to push their wedding to 2021.

Travel is too risky. Some couples may have guests flying in from all over the United States or even farther making it difficult for them to arrive to your special day safely or even at all.

Health Risks. Gathering larger amounts of people will always be a risk until covid19 is no more. Many of your older or immune compromised guests may not be able to attend.

Social Distancing. In the new age of social distancing how long will it last and will masks be required? It is difficult to image a wedding reception with people spaced six feet apart, not to mention how awkward that would be on the dance floor. Everyone will look like dancing zombies with their arm stretched out to slow dance and their partner six feet away doing the same.

Government mandates. As many in Illinois have learned over the past couple weeks, our Government is understandably taking it one day at a time. They dance around the issue of weddings and events because they know things can change in an instant. However, if weddings are allowed in 2020, it is probable to assume that the number of guests could be limited forcing couples to cut their guest lists by half or more or maybe no receptions all together. It's anyone's guess at this point.

Taking control. Some couples are tired of wondering every day if they will or won't be getting married this year, so they decided to take control and move their wedding to 2021 and be done with it.

Waiting for your dream wedding. With all of the planning that has gone into your day, you deserve your wedding to be everything you hoped for and more. Some of you have dreamed about your wedding day for years. It's not wrong to want it all.

Now, looking at the flip side, if what's most important to you is getting married this year. Then gathering your immediate families (currently under ten people) and do it! Get married. Celebrate your love. You do you boo boo!

There is no right or wrong way to get married. Do what's right for you.

If are you are still uncertain about what to do, reach out to your vendors. Find out what options you have. Every vendor will have their own set of guidelines for moving your wedding to 2021. Listen to their advice, talk to each other, talk to your family if that helps too. No one said this decision was easy. No one said this decision was not heartbreaking. We are all sad.

Advice I have been giving my couples.

Many of my 2020 couples have reached out to me looking for options. My advice is to reach out to your venue to see what dates are available. Choose three ranking them first, second and third. From their reach out to your photographer and see which of those three dates they have available and move down the list of vendors from there. It is also good to reach out to your immediate family as well as your bridal party to make sure they are also available. Even if you are not 100% ready to move your wedding, there is no harm in having a plan B.

I, personally, am encouraging my couples that choose to postpone to move their date to 2021. With the predictions of a second wave in fall I don't want my couples to continue stressing about their wedding date or worse, have to move it again.

Above all else, it's most important to me that you, your guests and my staff are safe.

And, if you are even slightly considering changing your wedding date, I would suggest reaching out to vendors sooner rather than later. 2021 dates will go quickly. We are packing two years worth of weddings into one. Next year is going to be bonkers!

Stay safe friends!!! Sending each one of you a virtual hug!



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