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Itasca Country Club Wedding | Haley & Brian

As they finish lighting the unity candle Haley and Brian walked side by side to return to their spot in front of the alter. Before stopping back at her place Haley quickly does a 360 spin to give a dress a nice fluff and put her cathedral length veil in place before Sabrina, her maid of honor, steps up beside her to lend a hand. Giggles erupt throughout the church as all of this takes place. That is just one of the genuine moments that occurred during Haley and Brian's wedding last Saturday.

During toasts, Haley went up to Sabrina and hugged her only to find out Sabrina wasn't done yet. The reaction on Haley's face was priceless. She quickly shrugged it off and proceeded to hug her again when Sabrina had completed her speech.

Minutes later the entire room was laughing hysterically as Dylan began his comedic best man toast. Never have I heard a speech quite as funny as Dylan's and it proceeded to be even funnier (which I didn't think was possible) when he introduced honorary best man Speedy the Turtle. That's right. Speedy was walked into the reception space in the hands of a pretty blonde and presented Dylan with his speech, which Dylan graciously read. By now the guests were practically rolling on the floor with laughter, tears rolling down peoples cheeks. Those are the moments I will remember most from their wedding day. The little details that were unique only to them.

Haley and Brian, you both have such big hearts. I witnessed it many times today, in big ways and small. Haley, you first showed me your heart when you turned on the music from Disney's Moana so that your adorable flower girl would feel more comfortable getting her hair done. That was such a simple, kind gesture that probably meant to much to her. Brian, watching you give Speedy a kiss and seeing how excited you were to share your day with your life long friend. That's loyalty that runs deep. Together I have no doubt that your love will form an even bigger bond that you will continue to share with each other and those around you. I was so honored to have been a part of such a special day. We had so much fun and captured so many beautiful memories. I hope you can cherish these moments for years and years to come. Congratulations to you both! Hugs, Joy

- Vendors -

DJ | Delux Event

Hair | Michalia Agins

- BJP Team -

Lead Photographer | Joy Bijedic

Second Photographer | Amy Aiello

Assistant | Dino Prijic