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St James Farm, Winfield | Family Portraits

A cool breeze from the north filled the air as we stepped out of our cars and made our way down the path, hot chocolate in hand. It was a bright and sunny fall afternoon even though the sun was already making it's way down towards the horizon. The leaves had fallen from most of the trees leaving behind haunting branches that hung above the tall prairie grasses. The white farm fence that paralleled our path wrapped around the pasture where horses once grazed. Laughter filled the air despite the chilly temperature. The Kelly Family was having their family photos taken.

On days like today there is not time for creative posing. The kiddo's just don't appreciate the cold, although both Abby and Cooper did very well. It is more about the moments. The hugs and the giggles. That is what I remember most about the Kelly Family. How sweet they are to one another. Cooper walking around looking like a little Yoda because his big sister had shared her coat with him to keep him extra warm. The Starbucks cup filled with hot cocoa for Abby that her parents stopped and bought her on the way to St James Farm. They way everyone worked so hard to make each other laugh and smile. Although it wasn't very hard because you just had to watch them to see how much love and happiness was there.

Thank you Shane, Alana, Abby and Cooper for allowing me the privilege to get to know your amazing family!



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