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Tulsa Family Portraits | Hicks Family

I love getting back to Tulsa to where my company began and seeing my amazing and very loyal clients! I have been photographing Vanessa's beautiful family for years now. It was wonderful to see how big the kiddo's have gotten. Both girls have grown into such beautiful young ladies now! And, let's not forget Kaison! The first time I met him he was so itty bitty he could not even sit up on his own. Now he is full of personality and energy keeping the entire family on their toes. When I asked the family who was the funniest, they all answered, "Kaison!".

For this year's family session we ended up using the park at the corner of 96th and Riverside. Not a traditional area, but what a cool spot! Vanessa loves greenery and nature so we made sure to capture those areas as well as an usual spot (which turned out amazing!!). The day before their session I was able to do a little exploring and discovered these awesome boulders underneath the overpass. Again, not a traditional location for family portraits, but that is what is so great about it. It was like they were transformed to an entirely different location!!! We just had to ignore the rotting fish that was there. YUCK!

Vanessa and the gang, it was so great to see you all again! I loved hearing about your lives and the exciting things that are in store for you. Enjoy the rest of your summer!!! XOXO Joy

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