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Hurley Gardens, Wheaton | Bijedic Family Photos

I love having the chance to update my family photos whenever I can. Usually it's me bugging my two sister-in-laws that we have to take their pictures. What can I say, sometimes I'm a pusher! LOL It's important to me to have photos of my family and I love being able to give them current photos as well.

We all have our good days and our bad, well, this day Ian (my two year old nephew) was not having it. I've taken photos of my nieces and nephews enough now that I have them pretty well trained. It's not too much work to get a cooperative photo with them. On this day, their scheduled photo shoot of course, Ian was having a terrible two moment. It took a LOT to get a smile out of that cutie pie. We managed to get a few. However, what we also got was his personalty. We have goofy pictures to happy pictures to grumpy pictures. That's how real life works gang. So why not document it all.

My niece, Mia, was an angel. She was a posing machine! And so grown up!!!

A few days later we tried photos again in my backyard, just to see if Ian was in a better mood. I also knew my Mother-in-law would be there so we did some group photos. I even through my hubs in the mix. He was probably the least excited of all. What can I say. Don't marry a photographer if you don't like your picture taken! LOL

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