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Downtown Chicago Summer Engagement Photos | Julia and Brendan

Engagement sessions are such an important part of the wedding experience. Even if you live out of state. Julia and Brendan live in Grand Rapids, MI (an area I love to visit every summer). It's just beautiful up there. And equally as wonderful are these two. I would go on and on about them, but the blurb Julia wrote about how they met is so special (despite what she claims as ordinary). I'll let her tell you instead.

"Our story is simple, happy, and honestly pretty ordinary. Brendan and I began talking on a dating app in early Jan 2020. We were online pen pals until the end of February 2020 when we set a weekend to meet. Slight changes in the weekend we planned on meeting as my face grew 6 sizes due to a severe sun reaction. This was the exact opposite of sun-kissed skin tan (If you have seen the pictures you know this is oh so very true). After the swelling was resolved we met on the first weekend of March 2020. We met at Starbucks. I was studying for a test (and to be honest was super nervous about meeting Brendan). I had ordered my grande black coffee. Brendan on time (as usual) walks in. I was still feeling nervous until I asked what he had ordered and he told me a "white chocolate mocha." Very quickly my nerves resolved and the conversation was truly automatic. After this date, well the pandemic was declared and the world shut down. During the craziness and heartbreak of COVID, a pandemic couple was born. What is a pandemic couple? Well, this includes an ample amount of board games, attempting to cook new recipes, and lots of walking outside. However, this "old fashion" way of dating truly was the recipe to a solid friendship and an even better relationship. Due to the pandemic bringing BP to meet the family was a bit delayed. BP first met the fam on my sister's 21st birthday. As for the ones who know my family we have a Moscow mule, Alexa alternating between Game of Love by Santanna, Cleveland Rock by Ian Hunters, and Mr. Brightside by the Killers- your either all about it or maybe slightly overwhelmed. However, BP was all about it. He clicked with the McIntosh clan and I knew at that moment this was special. Also, on the first trip back to Chicago, BP had his first Portillos beef- truly this is the key to his heart. As the world began to open up we began to move forward. We have adventured on trips, converted BP to becoming a Buckeye fan, and spent multiple nights laughing with amazing friends and family. I have gotten to spend and make memories with the Penny side of the family. My future in-laws truly are top-notch on the Trager Grill and enjoy a back deck night sharing a glass of wine. We got engaged in September, a moment not caught on Instagram but shared in a park on a beautiful night filled with great surprises from the best family and friends. So yes, our story is simple. However, these moments I have learned through our story "simple" is pretty damn great. Living a life of quiet nobility with your best friend is a blessing, a privilege, and one I can not wait to keep on writing."



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