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St James Forest Preserve Fall Family Photos in Winfield | Silas Family

It's season two of four and the Silas Family brought a new family member!!! Rosie is just the sweetest and so well trained. They even taught her to stay and look when you say the word camera. I mean, common on. Is that not the cutest!!!

A few tips when bringing a fur baby to your session. Arrive to the location about 20-30 minutes early to just let them walk, sniff and stretch their legs. It helps to get some of the energy out so they are a little calmer when it's time to take photos. Bring a friend or family member to take your fur baby after the first 15 minutes of the session are complete. I always start with them. That way we can still focus on the remaining family members with a little less stress and distractions. TREATS! Always a good idea. Or, if they have a favorite toy that they like to see, but will still stay. Avoid brining items that will make your fur babe want to play. We want their attention first.

Hope that helps!!! I love when fur babies join families and couples for their sessions!!

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